The detox shower for your feet that you’ll never stop using

Your feet go through a lot during the day. It seems hard to believe but being the part of the body that suffers the most, the support on which our whole body rests, we pay very little attention to them. We don't take nearly as much care of them as we should. A massage from time to time, some moisturizing cream, a suitable shoe are some of the things we can do to take care of them. But it’s not enough. That's why we are presenting you with the detox shower that takes care of your feet.

Benefits of a foot detox

Applying this treatment helps to improve blood circulation. Thus, it facilitates the deflation of the muscles and generates a relief of pain that usually accumulates in our feet. In addition, footbaths can be complemented with some natural ingredients that, due to their composition, help detoxify the skin from external agents that cause blemishes.

Although it is a very old method of relaxation, it is still considered today to be a healthy practice that reduces stress, fluid retention, and other common problems in the area. We want to share a very special device with you today to use as part of your self-care routine: the best shower on the market is called Detox Foot SPA.

Relaxing, anti-inflammatory, and analgesic effects

They have relaxing, anti-inflammatory, and analgesic effects that will help you with inflammation and pain caused from spending too much time in one position, or from trauma.

Regular use improves circulation in this area. As many know, the feet tend to have difficulty returning blood to the upper body.

It improves the functions of the lymphatic system, stimulating the elimination of toxins that have been accumulating. As if that were not enough, it is a possible solution against fluid retention or edema, a disorder that generates inflammation, tingling and pain.

Main advantages

  1. The foot bath that massages you while removing toxins from your body. You can start noticing the beneficial effects almost immediately. Guaranteed results.
  2. 30-minute baths to balance your body's ionic charge. Only half an hour a day and you will notice the improvement. Take care and treat yourself a bit.
  3. Proven and tested! You'll see the water change color as toxins are removed. Depending on each color you will be able to know which part of your body is healing right now. This way you can make changes in your routine or diet to help your body.
  4. Easy to put away and store. Guaranteed results! It doesn't take up space, you can store it in any corner of the bathroom or your house. Super lightweight.

How can you buy it in United States?

You can place your order online through the official website in United States to be sent to your home.

Only during the launch period, the company is offering an exclusive promotion for this product through this link. And if that were not enough, they also offer a discount for bulk purchases.

Detox Foot spa

The detox bath for your feet is going to improve your health and that of your loved ones